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NB: Always use a qualified electrician to fit electrical items

240/12V Charging & Distribution | Mains Electrical | CBE Systems
CBE Switches/Sockets |
12 Volt Equipment | Generators

Download the 2011 Electrical Catalogue PDF here (printable)

240/12V Charging & Distribution

01-005950 - Zig X80 charger

Zig x80 charger

The unit requires 50mm clearance behind the extractor fan and ventilation to the outside. Rated input voltage 198-264, max wattage 220w. Rated output voltage 13.8v, current limit 16.5A. Dimensions 228mm (L) x 114mm (W) x 91mm (H).

01-005945 - Zig X70 charger

Zig X70 charger

Rated input voltage - 198-264, max wattage 220W.
Output voltage 13.8v, current limit 12.5A
Dimensions: 210mm (L) x 104mm (W) x 70mm (H)
Conforms to BS6765

01-006200 - Zig CF8 charging & distribution system

Zig CF-8 charging & distribution system

Battery charging: 240 - 12v conversion with a battery.
Rated input voltage: 220 - 240v
Rated input frequency: 50/60Hz
Output voltage: 10/14.2v. Output current: 4.5A to 7A
Dimensions: 160mm (H) x 205mm (W) x 100mm (D)

01-006203 - Zig CF9 charging & distribution system

As model CF8 but with the addition of mains 240v and fridge supply

01-006220 - Zig Battery Meter / VM4

Zig battery meter

Scale reads from 8 to 15 volts with warning areas either side of optimum voltage. Diameter W127 x H88 x D35mm

01-006216 - Zig Marque 1 Panel

Three way switched fused 12v control panel includes battery condition monitor and power source selector switch

01-005930 - Zig CPX-7 control panel

Zig CPX-7 control panel

Monitors car and caravan batteries. Allows them to be used without the danger of discharging. Ideally suited for installing in caravans which do not have a means of monitoring battery voltage. Complete with fitting instructions.

01-006300 - Zig water level gauge

Zig water level gauge

Suitable for fresh & waste water, plastic or metal tanks. Probe length 390mm (can be cut to size) Facia diameter: 82 x 70mm

286672 - Amperor MV4/180 Battery Charger 3 Stage 18 Amp

Amperor MV4 180 Battery Charger 3 Stage 18 Amp

For caravans and motorhomes. A full featured charger with selectable output for flooded , Gel & AGM batteries. Intelligent fan cooling which only cuts in when required and charge mode indicators to display the charging status. Input voltage 180 - 264V AC. Input frequency 50-60Hz. Output voltage 13.88V/14.5V/15.5V. Load range 0-18A. Output power 279W. Standby current 2.5mA.

18 amp. L172 x W156 x H74mm

Mains electrical

005590 - Mains Installation Kit 'Surface Fit'

Mains Installation Kit Surface Fit

Surface fit inlet, consumer unit, cables and single sockets.

005847 - Mains Installation Kit 'Flush Fit Inlet'

Mains Installation Kit Flush Fit Inlet

This kit contains all the necessary equipment and fixings for a safe mains installation in a caravan.

005595 - Triple Mobile Mains Extension Lead

Triple Mobile Extension Lead

Plugs into caravan socket, cover holds plug in place when in use. 16A round pin.


 105106 - Mains site plug

Mains Site Plug

Connects to splash proof site electricity supply socket. 16A round 3 pin.

UK mains converter lead

UK Mains Converter

Needed to convert standard mains hook up cable to allow you to plug into a normal household 13 Amp Socket


Continental mains converter lead

Continental Mains Converter lead

For use in Europe with or in conjuntion with the hook up lead

Mains inlet flush fitting square

Connection straight out from vehicle or caravan when in use.
Aperture 77 x 92mm, depth 82mm

059639 - MPK Mains inlet

Flush fitting angled. Connection shielded from weather by the lid whilst in use.

Aperture 135 x 70mm, depth 68mm

350703 - Mains inlet surface mounted (angled)

Mains inlet surface mounted

Basic mains inlet for surface fitting

 02-0769 - 10 Metre hook up cable

10 Metre Mains extension lead

Complete with site plug and caravan coupler

9-M45-TS - 25 Metre hook up cable

25 Metre Mains extension lead

Complete with site plug and caravan coupler

005850 - Consumer unit with RCD

Built in residual current device. For safe use of 240v electric supply in your caravan or motorhome

H 155 x W 110 x D 115


CBE LogoCBE Systems

CBE PC100 Kit

This includes:

  • LED Display
  • Switch mode battery charger 16amp
  • 12v distribution box including fuses, couple screws, connections and pins.
  • Circuit breaker 25 amp RCD
  • 2 x 13amp MCB

CBE PC200 Kit



This includes:

  • LCD Display
  • Switch mode battery charger 16amp
  • 12v distribution box including fuses, couple screws, connections and pins.
  • Circuit breaker 25 amp RCD
  • 2 x 13amp MCB

CBE 16 amp Switch Mode Battery Charger

For use with the PC100 or PC200 Kit

CBE 12v Distribution Box

Includes fuses, connections and pins. For use with the PC100 or PC200 Kit

CBE Circuit Breaker / Consumer Unit

25 amp RCD, 2 x 13 amp MCB

Fresh Water Tank Level Indicator Kit

Kits include tank sensor (250mm), control panel and cables

270572 Grey

Waste Water Tank Level Indicator Kit

Kits include tank sensor (250mm), control panel and cables
270573 Grey

Fresh & Waste Water Tank Level Indicator Kit

Fresh & Waste Tank Level Indicator Kit

The kit includes 2 cables L=4m, water tank probe 'SP5/40', waste couple screws 'SSP', 'MAC1P frame.

Fresh Water & Waste Tank Sensors

5059xx (for PC100)
5120xx (for PC200)

Depth of fresh water tank measurement is required for custom fresh water sensors


Waste Water Tank Couple Screws

CBE Switches / Sockets

To view our range of switches visit our new website

1 Gang, 2-way Switch

270152 Grey

2 Gang, 1 way switch

270142 Grey

Single Unipolar + LED

272052 Grey

Double Unipolar switch

272082 Grey

Electronic dimmer 12v/3A

270502 Grey

Step & light switch

272112 Grey

Pump & Light Switch

270482 Grey

Step switch (3 pos)

270272 Grey

Fused Spur in grey

273032 3, 5 or 10 Amp

Blanking Panel

7150 Grey

4 Fuse Module

270492 Grey

12V socket (auto)

270172 Grey

12V (auto) + TV Socket

270212 Grey


12V (auto) + TV + Sat

270232 Grey

12V (auto) + Cover

270182 Grey


Protective Backbox

50mm diameter
34mm deep

TV Socket

270402 Grey


TV+ Sat socket

270412 Grey

230V 3-pin Socket

002679A Grey

Gas Detector

212800 LPG

212802 CO

DVD + Sat + TV


12V Jack plug


7 Pin to 13 Pin adapter


Battery test panel
212898 Grey/silver only


Step Buzzer

Grey (not as pictured)



OUTER FRAMES COLOUR CHOICES (Inner frames included in price)

Inner frames supplied are grey however light grey and brown are available on request

1 way frames / 2 way frames / 3 way frames

Matt black
270828 1-way
270868 2-way
270908 3-way
270822 1-way
270862 2-way
270902 3-way
270826 1-way
270866 2-way
270960 3-way
    Grey Metallic
270837 1-way
270877 2-way
270917 3-way
270836 1-way
270876 2-way
270916 3-way
    Grigio Aluminio
270829 1-way
270869 2-way
270909 3-way
270832 1-way
270872 2-way
270912 3-way
    Bronzo Lucido
270839 1-way
270879 2-way
270919 3-way
Black Metallic
270838 1-way
270878 2-way
270918 3-way
    Glitter Silver
270833 1-way
270873 2-way
270913 3-way

Outer Frame - Radica

270830 1-way
270870 2-way
270910 3-way

12 Volt Equipment

Large Quick Release Battery Clamps

Standard Battery Terminals + and -

Plastic Battery Box

75/85 amp
External size H275 x L330 X W235mm
Internal size H195 X L285 X W195mm

100 amp
External size H275 x L450 X W235mm
Internal size H195 X L400 X W195mm

Relay Kit


Includes instructions

Split Charge Kit or Fridge Kit

£14.99 each


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