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Security Products

01-083785 - Fiamma Safe Door

Safety block for motorhome or caravan. It is easily installed to the vehicle wall with bolts and internal counterbrackets.

Fiamma Safe Door

01-036520 - Fiamma Safe Door Frame

Safety block for motorhome or caravan. Installation on the side frame of the door or garage compartment with self-tapping screws.

Fiamma Safe Door Frame

Fiamma Safe Door Kit (3 locks same key)

3 locks one key.

White or Grey

Fiamma Safe Door 3

Fiamma Safe Door Frame (3 locks same key)

3 locks one key

Fiamma Safe Door Frame 3

Fiamma Security Handle / Lock

Security handle made of solid aluminium with 30mm diameter and 2mm thickness. When closed back onto the door, it works as an anti-theft and prevent accidental opening when travelling. It also serves as a useful handle to make entering and exiting the vehicle easier. Complete with key lock and safety release handle, installation brackets, screws and internal counterbrackets.

Fiamma Security Handle / Lock

01-083795 - Fiamma Safe Door Magnum

Extended length of the safe door (to 20cm) to cover the locks of camper doors.

Fiamma Safe Door Magnum

01-108000 - 2.5 Metre Cable Lock

with 2 keys

2.5 Metre Cable Lock





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